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The 3 Best Soundbars For TV With Every Budget

  Jul 18, 2024 7:39 PM

Looking for the movie theater experience at home? I know you’ve already shelled out money for a smart TV and maybe a streaming gadget to play your Netflix. Don’t you think it’s enough? The answer is NO. Besides the TV screen quality, a good soundbar is all you need.

Soundbars offer a few advantages over more traditional home theater speaker setups. They're more compact, easier to position, and can deliver a beautiful sound with less of an overall footprint. 

Imagine every weekend or day off. Your family could lay around the sofa and enjoy Netflix. Or you could invite your friends to your house and spend time together in a real sound. That was so amazing, right? 

This article has a list of the best soundbars at 3 demands, including budgets, brand, and quality. So, don’t hesitate. Let’s take a look at our 3 best soundbars for TV now!


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+ Advanced ultra-slim soundbar & wireless sub 

+ Up-firing speakers for height elevation 

+ Polk's exclusive voice and bass adjust technology

+ Excellent sound and value 

+ Wirelessly stream music from streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and others directly from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices via built-in Bluetooth technology.

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The Polk Audio Signa S4 is the first recommended sound bar. In order to provide you with a comprehensive picture of the market and the prices of each speaker, we have compiled information from some of the most reputable websites online.

When it comes to sound quality, this service is unrivaled. It combines form and function well, with a sophisticated appearance and a fully immersive, crystal-clear audio experience.

If you look at this soundbar, you wouldn't think it could produce 113 dB of volume while still keeping pristine audio quality, but you'd be wrong. Listen to your favorite radio station in crystal-clear sound without any static or distortion thanks to the built-in tuner. Everything you might want is included in the Polk Audio Signa S4.


CUSTOMER reviews

The incredible sound that's simple to set up and inexpensive - "The Polk Audio S4 system is simple to set up and produces sounds you would not expect from such a simple, compact system…" See more on Amazon

- User: Andrew M. Foster - 5 stars


Great, but... - "I got this for my mom as a mother's day gift. She loves it, and I thought I would be a great addition to add her google home speakers. It was fine for a few months, and then the connectivity issues began to happen. Mainly google Chromecast. Seems like every couple of weeks, my mom calls or texting regarding connectivity issues. It's annoying!..." See more on Amazon

- User: SomePrettyBoy - 4 stars


Good for what it is. It could use some work. - "In summary. This is a decent sound bar. The sound can trick you at times and make you feel like you have a full surround experience. However, it isn’t very hands-off. It’s a good soundbar overall but Polk could expand the user experience by updating the software to allow for..." See more on Amazon

- User: George C - 4 stars


2. BEST SOUNDBAR FOR TV UNDER 500$: Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 Soundbar

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+ America's #1 Sound Bar* 

+ 11 High-Performance Speakers

+ Dolby Atmos and DTS:X - Cinematic, life-like 3D surround sound around and above you.

+ Dynamic and Accurate Sound

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The Vizio M-Series is one of the most visually appealing soundbars you can buy for less than $500. It's made out of sturdy metal and has a trendy textured pattern on the front.

The wireless subwoofers included with this soundbar are a significant upgrade over their cable counterparts and are a great addition to the sound experience. More crucially, it reproduces sound that is surprisingly evocative of a full-sized home theater system rather than a pair of compact speakers.

This soundbar packs a lot of functionality into a small package. Furthermore, the room-free subwoofers may be positioned wherever. Consider it a wise purchase for your home theater.



This soundbar is the new gateway to Dolby Atmos - "After doing a lot of product hunting, I was really excited about this soundbar. I almost jumped the gun on a few others, but I'm glad I waited for this one. If you're looking for an entry soundbar to go in your family room and don't know what Dolby Atmos is, then I'll be honest: this is not the home theater setup for you...." See more on Amazon

- User: Haden McDonald - 5 stars


This sounds great but has a few small issues - "I love the way this sounds, and it's easy to set up. I have had several issues with things like this, where it sometimes does not play the rear speakers... It could be a user error, but it shouldn't be this difficult to make that happen. But aside from these small issues, I love this sound bar..." See more on Amazon

- User: KV Trout - 4 stars

Vizio 5.1.2 soundbar - "This is my 2nd additiona Vizio soundbar. I purchased a 2.1 for my computer desktop, and the sound is amazing, so I couldn't go wrong with the Atmos unit. Its extremely easy to set up, and once I had it up and running, I was somewhat disappointed as it didn't have the bass punch that my 2.1 did.."  See more on Amazon

- User: Dar- 5 stars



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+ America's #1 Sound Bar* 

+ New Modern Design Angular all-in-1 design packed

+ Optimized for 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio Bring out the best audio performance from your 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio when connected through HDMI.

+ Loud and Clear - The 98dB sound pressure level and 50Hz – 20KHz frequency range deliver dynamic and accurate Sound.

+ DTS Virtual:X Enhances any content with room-filling, floor-to-ceiling virtualized 3D sound.


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The Vizio M Series has surprisingly strong bass for a soundbar of its size, and it can be turned up to shocking levels.

The Vizio M-Series soundbar is a top contender in the budget category. The soundbar can be placed distant from the Screen for greater viewing angles and a wider soundscape, and it comes with two 2.1 and a 3.1 wireless subwoofer, a universal remote control, a sophisticated wireless HDMI receiver, and a transmitter.

The M Series 2.1 excels in areas where it matters most, including dialog clarity, although it could need some work in the bass department.



The sound is great. Works with Roku and can use just the Roku remote control - read for setup - "I used to have been in IT for about 30 years, so I wanted to share with others how I was able to get this Vizio sound bar to natively work with a Roku streaming box, now using just the Roku clicker....." See more on Amazon

- User: Jeff Baygents - 5 stars

 Best in class for its price range - "I have done alot of research for a budget TV soundbar without subwoofer which lead me to the purchase of this fantastic unit. For people looking for exactly what I was, this unit is best in class for low-profile units under 300, and its not even close. Vizio is the budget soundbar king for a reason...." See more on Amazon

- User: Amir - 5 stars

Definitely worth every penny!! - "This is not a surround sound. Do not buy this thinking it is. It is a high-quality stereo TV speaker. The bass is unbelievable. Sound quality is equal to what you’d expect from a $300-$400 unit. Worth every penny!" See more on Amazon

- User: Phillip Powers - 5 stars


Picking out soundbars for TV can be intimidating, with so many options to choose from. But after reading this part, you'll feel confident in buying the perfect one for your needs. We've put together everything you need to know about soundbars in one place. This guide will help ensure that you make an informed decision before clicking “add-to-cart.”

1. Brand 

The brand is extremely important. There are many brands on the market, and each offers something unique. Different brands have different features, which you will want to take a close look at before making a decision. And you have to notice 1 thing that the best soundbars for TV 90% come from the best Brands on the market.

2. Price 

The soundbar price can vary widely depending on the brand you choose and whether or not it is a bundle with other products, like Bluetooth speakers or some other speakers. The most expensive models can be $1000, but some cheap models cost just around $70

3. Size 

The soundbar size is one of the most important things you should consider, as it should match your TV screen and not take up too much space. Some soundbars are very small and easily fit on the top or below your TV, while some models can be quite big and require more space.

4. Connectivity

If you are looking for a bar that offers high-quality audio, it should have at least one subwoofer, a digital amplifier, and another speaker unit. The other features that should be available are Bluetooth, WiFi, and AirPlay connectivity.

5. Sound quality 

The sound quality of the bar is very important since it will determine the quality of music or movies you get from it. Larger and more powerful models usually offer better sound quality, but there aren't many differences in sound quality between different brands at this moment. The main difference is dependent on the speakers used to produce music that you can hear when you are connected to the soundbar at maximum volume.


1. Why should I buy a soundbar?

A soundbar is a home entertainment system that integrates audio and video. It is a peripheral device or accessory which can be used with an existing speaker, sound system, or TV by creating an additional zone for streaming audio or music. 

Soundbars make it easier to hear the dialogue in movies and games because of their higher output levels. They also deliver rich bass tones capable of filling larger spaces than conventional speakers can provide. 

2. What are the benefits of using a soundbar instead of a separate speaker system?

Soundbars deliver great audio quality that is comparable to other high-end speakers. They may be more convenient and less expensive than installing surround speakers and subwoofers for your home theater system.

3. What are the different types of soundbars?

The soundbar can be divided into two types; the first is all-in-one (AIO) soundbars, a single unit connected to a TV, and includes features such as a built-in subwoofer. The other type is a soundbar with external speakers. 

It comprises separate components that use an audio/video receiver to connect to televisions. The external speakers are also connected to this stereo receiver.

4. Where should I place my soundbar?

It is ideal for placing the soundbar in front of the television and in line with the viewing position. The subwoofer should be placed near a wall or corner of the room for proper bass resonance. Some people prefer placing a soundbar on a shelf or standing next to the television.

When mounting speakers on walls, it is important to use wall mounts that can hold TVs and speakers without blocking ports, vents, and controls. These are available through retail and online stores.


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