About Us

Who we are & what we do

Finding and researching PC is never easy, especially as a beginner. Being aware of that, the IsoCard team has built a website to help you upgrade your PC from objective reviews of leading experts in technology as well as PC.

IsoCard is a place where you can find the latest PC news and consumer reports as well as reviews from our prime experts. Besides, we also make use of AI and Big Data to arrange and rank products in the most objective way. The IsoCard team always tries to work hard to provide users with the best evaluation.

IsoCard empowers you as an authentic consumer. We are appreciated by PC lovers, especially gamers. Whether you build the first build or more, our team will look at the individual PC components to share technology and game news.

Why trust IsoCard? 

At IsoCard, we highly appreciate the trust of users. That is also the motivation for our members every day. Therefore, we will only introduce the products that we have used. The quality of each product, the detailed characteristics of each PC component will be specifically reviewed by us through all our builds.

More than anyone, each of our team wants to practice the products as well as check them before consulting for you. As a result, we can completely share with you whether the PC is suitable, or what features of the PC do not meet expectations.

We understand how unpleasant it is when your PC doesn't meet your needs. It will be extremely tiring if the PC cannot run a favorite game. And IsoCard will be the consultant to help you with the new product releases. The IsoCard team of tech enthusiasts and true gamers will be a powerful support for you when choosing a PC.

How we do it 

You can totally have the PC you really want no matter what your skills or budget is. On the Internet, there are hundreds of options, thousands of different reviews, many products with extremely long reviews that confuse you. Understanding your challenges, we help you understand that you have many options when building a PC.

We have reviewed many products when we get an appraisal assessment from users. Besides, we buy them directly and really experience the features. IsoCard members are always fair and impartial. Of course, I have never been affected by big brands. 

As you upgrade your PC, you are probably looking forward to new things for gaming experiences. Every gamer has their own favorite games, so each person's needs are different. Therefore, we always try addiction for all gamers.

IsoCard members are not only eager to get your positive feedback but also the feedback for us to improve more and more. Your valuable comments will be heard through our customer communication channels or in our own dedicated Community site. 

Our promise

At IsoCard, the quality of products, the objectivity of reviews, and the trust of users are the core of our existence. Therefore, we always strive our best to help you get a product that meets your requirements. The IsoCard members always work studiously and focus on the users to guide you with the best decision.