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The 12 Best Immersion Blenders 2024

AI Consumer Report Team
  Jun 21, 2024 12:17 AM

The best immersion blenders can handle a variety of kitchen tasks, from mixing, whisking eggs to pureeing smoothies. It can be a great alternative to expensive tools, giving you similar performance at a fraction of the price. Immersion blenders are also space-saving. You can tuck them into a drawer or cabinet. 

Here we've compiled the best immersion blenders and a detailed buying guide, which will help you find the most suitable for your kitchen.

Buying Guide

To make sure you will find the perfect immersion blender that is long-lasting and useful, consider these factors before you start shopping. 

1. Speed settings

The most common settings include two options, low and high. Although it's nice to have multiple speeds, two is enough for most uses. 

But if you still like to have more speed options to prevent ingredients from shooting out, KOIOS Powerful 800W 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender is a great choice. It offers 12 speed settings at a good price. 

2. Power

The immersion blender’s power can vary from 200 watts to 1000 watts. How powerful is the best depends on what you'll be using the blender for. If you need a tool for light blending, 200-300 watts will serve the purpose. Models designed to crush ice or grind seeds will have a higher wattage. 

With a powerful 600w motor, All-Clad KZ750D can handle all at-home cooking tasks.  You can blend any ingredients effortlessly. 

3. Cord or Cordless

You can find both corded and cordless immersion blenders. Cordless models are more convenient and have better maneuverability but you will need to recharge them often. The corded models tend to be more powerful. 

With a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery, KitchenAid KHBBV53ER is one of the best cordless immersion blenders on the market. It can blend 25 bowls of soup at a full charge. 

4. Design

In comparison with regular blenders and food processors, the biggest advantage of immersion blenders is the small, compact design. But its size and style still vary from model to model. Some immersion blenders have bulky heads that cannot fit in a standard smoothie cup. 

Because this kitchen tool is supposed to be used with one hand, so you should look for a lightweight one and comfortable to hold. The controls also should be easy to adjust. 

Many users appreciate  KOIOS HB-2033B's removable blending arm. This design makes it easy to clean and use. This immersion blender is also compact yet very powerful. 

5. Material

Models with stainless steel blades are more preferable because it is more durable and heat resistant. Stainless steel is also easy to clean. 

These models are often more expensive than cheap, all-plastic blenders but their quality should justify the price. Plastic components tend to warp when they touch the hot food or hot pot. 

The containers are usually made of plastic or glass. 

6. Accessories

The immersion blenders are made for blending tasks. And that is all you want when buying it. However, some models come with other accessories like chopper or whisk attachment. You should take a look at the price because versions with accessories can cost you more. 

If you already have a food processor and other necessary kitchen tools, an accessory-free option is the most straightforward to use. 

In case, an all-in-one blender is what you are seeking, try Utalent 5-in-1 immersion blender. Its attachment includes a mixing wand, a milk frother, a food chopper, a 600ml beaker, and an egg whisk. 

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1. How long can I run my immersion blenders?

Most immersion blenders are designed to operate continuously for 10 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute. After 1 minute, you should turn it off and let it cool down for a few minutes before you can use them again. 

This maximum running time is usually enough for most ingredients. If you are blending tough food, try to limit the time to 30-45 second intervals. Otherwise, the blender's motor can be damaged. 

2. Can I use immersion blenders to process hot food?

Yes, you can. Immersion blenders are perfect for preparing hot soup right in the pot. The reason is that the immersion blenders incorporate more air into the mixture than a traditional blender, making frothy foam on cream soups. And it is easy to clean after use.

However, to avoid splatter and burn yourself, never fill the container too high. You'd better fill it no more than half full. And make sure the blades are submerged in the food. 

3. Can immersion blenders crush ice?

If you are talking about the whole ice cubes, then no, it can't. Immersion blenders are not designed for this task. You should go for a regular blender. 

An immersion blender is effective for making smoothies. Make sure you bang your ice into small chunks first. Add liquid and crush ice into the container and give it a whirl with the immersion blenders. 

4. How much does an immersion blender cost?

The price of an immersion blender can range from under $50 to over $200. It depends on the design, material used, number of accessories. 

With a tight budget, you can get a quality product at around $50 to under $100. The premium models like All-Clad KZ800D51 Cordless Immersion Blender can cost you $200 or more. These high-end products usually offer stylish yet sturdy construction and a commercial level performance. 

5. How do I clean my immersion blenders?

Cleaning an immersion blender is quite easy and quick. 

  • Fill a tall glass with water (warm water is better).  Add dishwashing liquid into the glass.

  • Run your blender in the mixture for 30 seconds. 

  • Empty the glass and refill it with fresh water. Run the blender for 10 seconds to remove any remaining soap. Repeat this process, if needed. 

  • For tough stuck-on food, soak the blender attachment in soapy water for two hours before doing the above step. 

  • Unplug your machines, use a damp cloth to wipe the blender body. Never submerge it in water.

  • Dry all parts with a kitchen towel and store. 

Final Thoughts

The best immersion blenders are versatile and easy to use. Its long shape looks like a magic wand that really helps you become the sorcerer supreme in your kitchen. It is also among a few kitchen tools that you can get under  $50. An incredible price for a machine, which makes your cooking much more pleasant. 

With the above buying guide, we hope you have a clear idea of how to choose the best immersion blenders. 

If you still don't know where to start or just want to save time researching, here is the list of the best products available on the market. Each of them is best for different budgets and different preferences. This is your shortcut to buy the perfect immersion blenders.

  • Best overall: Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender is our top pick. It offers 15 speeding settings and a rubber handle. This machine is easy and comfortable to use. A food processor and whisk attachment are included. The price is higher than most other immersion blenders but its excellent performance is worth every penny!

  • Best budget choice: if you don't want to spend much on the immersion blenders, Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick brings you a good deal!. At the price of $30, you still have a powerful 500-watt hand blender, 9 speed settings. Many users say it doesn't feel cheap at all. The construction is sturdy and well-made. The blender comes with a whisk and milk frother attachment. 

  • Most versatile: Braun MQ7035X comes with new and unique features that make this blender versatile. There is no predefined speed setting but only one speed button. You just need to push the button harder to increase the power and get finer results. Also, the blade's height is adjustable according to the height of the food blended. Its EasyClick system allows you to change attachments for blend, chop, whisk quickly. 

  • Best for soup: Cuisinart CSB-179 is a great product for those who make soup often. It has a speed dial that helps you easily switch from low to high speed. This is perfect for pureeing soup without making a mess. The 300-watt motor is powerful enough to blend the soup in under 60 seconds. 

  • Best for smoothies: KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender is the go-to blender for smoothies. It is powerful enough to quickly blend tough ingredients like ice or coconut. The result is smooth and creamy every time. The blender comes with a 3-cup mixing jar, which is useful to store leftover smoothies. This model from KitchenAid is available in 13 fun colors to fit any kitchen decor. 

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